Who We Are

Our mission is to be a path of change with how we do leadership culture.

We want your employees to look forward to coming to work because it’s a place where they’re growing personally and professionally, and the environment is upbeat and thriving. All Points Leadership is very intentional about giving back and improving leadership and leadership evolution in the world.

We understand that the biggest challenges come from within an organization.

Leading yourself can also be the biggest challenge. This is where we want to help and understand how to get you or your team to move toward progress. We look at change as a method of adaptation or evolution of the leadership. APL utilizes some of the leading research and resources currently being utilized within Fortune 500 companies, sports teams and leading CEO’s.

Our goal is to move you forward, increase your leadership skills, and grow leadership in your personal life and team.

We will listen and adapt as we move forward through your leadership journey. We truly believe we need to meet you and your team where they are today, then we work with you to chart your path. Let’s get a compass reading now and chart your path!

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider All Points Leadership. Over my 40 year journey through leadership, I have experienced the ups and downs that go with it. As a lifelong learner, I have spent my life investigating and learning about leadership. One thing for sure is it’s not easy being out in front leading and no one can or should do it alone.

Through my experiences as a teacher, administrator, athletic coach, and outdoor guide, the main lesson is that leadership comes from all levels within all organizations. It is my focus to grow leadership at all levels. I have learned from my experiences and realize that every encounter is an opportunity to improve the way we all do what it is we do.

As an Independent Certified Coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team, and a Certified Right Path behavioral resources consultant, I hope to get the opportunity to talk with you. Let’s connect and discuss your journey and how I can help let us learn, lead, and move forward together.